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Double Trouble
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The person I reblogged this from deserves to be happy.

Of course~ !! Kaneki-kun is my baby ;~; <3

Nuuu he’s mineee and Ayato and Juuzou and Uta they are all mine XD

50 random questions


  • Answer all those honestly.
  • You can skip 3 questions if you want. (Nah I’ll skip whatever I want)
  • Tag 5 people to answer those.
  • Tagged by: nisukiye, thank you <3

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Kyaa~ !! I love the Kaneki suit and mask you made ;3 thank you for making such wonderful clothing <3

U’re welcome >u< I assume u’re a TG fan too eh? <3

(●`・(エ)・´●) You've been visited by snuggly bear. Someone has sent you warm fuzzies of love for being so wonderful!

Thank you snuggly bear >A< Whoever u are! *bear hugs*



Awww thank you very muchhh >A<

Always fab ;-;

[Mai Pham] Kaneki Mask


MediaFire | Dropbox

Preview pictures by bakabakasims3 <33 Thank you Ren! >A<


in step 3 you will have to use magic. *bricked*

ayato-kun for pnmai. *hides face* itsonoobishallmakeitagainwhenihavepracticedmoreakjfksdhf

i didn’t liked the first drawing so i redraw it allover again..

*makes dogeza bow in front of maichan*

Lookit him cutie grumpy kid <33 Thank you Renn ;v; *vigorously hugs screenie*




omg!! marry me!!

He’s absolutely adorb <333 ;v;