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After you receive this you have to share five random facts about yourself and then send it to ten of your favourite followers.

Thanks~~! >3<

  1. The creature I hate the most is insect (especially those creepy flying… things!)
  2. Ghosts and spiritual stuff scare the crap out of me but still I really love to watch horror movies
  3. My first ever anime crush is Sasuke (from ‘Naruto’) x-D
  4. I sometimes try to be cool cuz I don’t want to show my weaknesses
  5. But I’m also carefree so there’s barely anything in life gets on my nerves x-D
cozofcatsman sent:

I absolutely LOVE you sim downloads. c: Thank you so much for putting effort into your work! I'm obsessed with downloading and I almost downloaded all your stuff! xD I adore your profile too, the music is beautiful. <3 c: Thank you!! c:

Nuu thank YOU for your lovely message!! ;-; This is why I always want to share my stuff with u guys, and also hope u have a good time at my blog with relaxing music~~! x-P

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thanks for the like and the reblog~

Anytime x-D



(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ Ohh new style~~?!


i didnt want to show my sim cuz he’s my first male sim ever, and he’s not that good looking, but u know what screw it, its the only screenshot i got, i might as well show it XD

skin // contacts and hair // eyebrows


Anonymous sent:

what is your 5 favorite pieces of custom content? (can be hair, clothes, anything) thanks for answering~

Hi nonny >3<~~!

Well, this is hard to choose… but these are perhaps my most 5 favorite CCs for now:

Newsea’s Yu152 Joanna hair
Simt0rr’s Sk8 Skirt Overalls (not released yet)
Leahlillith’s Galaxy horns
Kewai-dou’s Cavallo hair
2sanghaec’s Hoodie bomber jacket

Not that I don’t like other CCs, I just like these stuff a little bit more x-D

To Tgzcherry

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T  i  M  E  R

You play as Eris, who’s little sister, Maia, goes missing. She begins her journey with the simple aim to take back her sister, but finds herself in the middle of a chaotic mess, entangled with TYPHON, a major corporation, and their new project: the Timers.

part 1 | part 2 » (coming out soon?)

Omg❤️❤️❤️❤️sooo coool!!! love these, it’s awesome ~

OMG! It’s like another game! (*゚ロ゚)

Anonymous sent:

hi pnmai, i need new poses do you recommend some cute poses ? :/

I have nothing to recommend cuz you may have already known all the poses I’m using so far ;-; But speaking about that, if I have an idea, I can try to make a new pose pack…


Yuuya!!!!!! <33

i was fooling around with lighting and i think i did it right, its not perfect but still, its a start and i just need more practice ^^

i demand u give him to me right now, or anita gets her head shaved, i am no joke, XD uve been warned!